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ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey TWO

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ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey TWO!

Do you miss the chromium age of over-the-top 90's action comics? Then ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey from Batlantic Studios is the comic book for you!

"ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey is everything I loved about 90s comics...but with a modern twist!"
- kickstarter backer

This is a 22 page black and white inked 90s style comic that takes place on New Selenia! Starring an exciting cast of original characters!

Era Nalyd: Who currently has possession of the WarHood. Or does it possess him?
Tachi: The silent ninja who has been stranded with Era.
Lock: The tough as nails leader of the gang.
Yari: The razor sharp assassin.